Satellite Internet Access

Satellite Internet access service providers are the future in communications

The next Internet experience is satellite Internet access service providers! They are the future in communications and it’s available today! This is great news for people who are looking for high-speed Internet service providers and are living in an area that is not serviced by DSL or cable Internet service. That is because there is no special phone lines or cable modems required, making satellite Internet service the logical solutions for millions of people across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. Basically, if you can see the southern sky, you can get satellite Internet access.

Satellite Internet service providers offer always-on, high-speed internet access, with no wait times to surf the net as long as your computer is on. Satellite Internet access can be as high as 10 times faster speeds than dial-up, having download speeds up to 500 kbps, so you can download pages, audio or video in a seconds. No more tying up your phone lines, no more busy signals, no more special phone lines or cable connections to worry about, you can surf the Internet and have satellite TV all at the same time through the same connection.

Your satellite Internet service providers offer two-way service, this means that data is both downloaded and uploaded via satellite. Don’t be fooled by some lower priced satellite systems, as some only offer one-way systems. This is where your download is via satellite but uploading is via your telephone line through a dial-up modem. These one-way satellite Internet access providers, have a much slower uploading and they are also tying up your phone line. So you will want to look for satellite Internet service providers offering two-way service, you will be much happier and be provided with better service.