Internet access and Internet service providers, how to determine which is the best choice for you – 56K, DLS or cable modem

Is your Internet access allowing you to experience the Web the way it was meant to be? Today there are numerous Internet service providers to choose from, as well as different methods for your Internet access. There are Internet service provides to connect you to the internet via DSL, cable, satellite, or a dial up 56K modem.

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Your ISP and the Future

The speed of your Internet access will depend on the type of Internet service providers you choose. A 56K modem is the original dial-up Internet access method and the cheapest Internet access. However, there are a few drawbacks, the 56k modem is the slowest of the Internet service providers and will tie up your phone line.

Looking for a high-speed Internet access? Then look for Internet service providers with cable or DSL modem services. These “always-on” services are fast becoming very popular. Even though DSL Internet access works over an ordinary copper telephone line, it does not tie up your phone line. On the other hand cable Internet service providers connect you to the Internet via a high-speed cable modem. Whether your Internet access is DSL or cable modem, you can now talk on the phone, watch TV and surf the net all at the same time!

Satellite Internet access is another choice for high-speed Internet service providers. This service is great for people looking who want high-speed Internet access, but are living in area that are not served by cable or DSL Internet service providers.

Last but not least we have the newest form of Internet access – wireless! You’ve probably seen news or advertising about cell phones and PDAs that let you receive and send e-mail. That’s wireless Internet. Now your cellular phone service provider can also be your Internet service provider! Never miss an email again!

Do your research for the best Internet access for you. You will find great deals out there, many Internet service providers will give discounts on your first three – six months of services. With all these Internet access choices, you have to agree that surfing the Internet will never be the same!

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